Try The Logic Puzzle That Leaves 73% Of People Who Try It Stumped!

logic puzzle
Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

Will You Get The Puzzle Or Will It Leave You Stumped?

The user, Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome, from Brilliant has really cooked up a mind challenging puzzle that only 37% people can figure out. It's a great exercise to keep your mind sharp and thinking outside the box.

It definitely had me confused at first, but once I really thought about it then it made perfect sense.

Check out the puzzle below to figure it out!

It all starts with the three boxes below. Carefully read the statements under each box.

logic puzzle
Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

At First It Seems Like The Instructions Are Missing Information…

Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

According To The Rules, The Car Can't Be In Box One. If It Were Then The Statement Under Box Three Would Be False.

Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

The Car Also Can't Be In Box Three Because If It Were Then The Statements Under Box Two And Three Would Be True.

Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

We're Left With Box Two. The Statement Says The Car Is Not In This Box. But The Only True Statement Is Box Three That Says The Car Is Not In Box One! The Car Has To Be In This Box!

Brilliant / Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome

If this puzzle left you feeling confused at first don't worry, you're not the only one. Remember, only 37% of people can get it right the first time.


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