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Men Who Marry Chubby Women Live Longer, Happier Lives

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Some new research indicates that men who marry heavier set women or ‘chubby' as we call it, live longer and happier lives. Those same men are supposedly able to deal with problems better than men who are in relationships with skinny women.

The study also concluded that skinny women are usually more reserved, unfriendly and generally unhappy when compared to their bigger counterparts. We can all understand that but I wouldn't lump all skinny women in that pool. I've seen some pretty happy women who are skinny and I've also see some ‘chubby' women who are not so happy.

I think what this all comes down to is how you live your life. If you live a crummy life with no meaning and you are obsessed with material possessions you generally are unhappy. Which that can work both ways as stated above.

The final conclusion would be that anyone can be happy and anyone can be unhappy, it all just depends on which route you want to travel down.


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