Meet The Woman With The Most Unfortunate Name Of All Time

isis harambe

Going through life people occasionally bitch about the smallest things that have no relevancy like their hair color, height, breast size or maybe their name.

After reading this you will no longer think of your name as an ugly extension of your beautiful personality, or maybe that your parents were high when they chose your name.

We've all heard of the barbaric terrorist group known as ISIS, which go around in the middle east chopping every ones heads off and throwing gays off of roofs. We've all also heard of the cute gorilla, Harambe, which was shot at a zoo after a little boy fell into his pen.

While I'm sure the horrific acts which ISIS perpetrates have no direct link to this person, nor did her parents ever know any better. After all ISIS or Harambe weren't even thought of or even know when she was born.

But anyways, meet ISIS Harambe, the most unfortunate woman with the most unfortunate name!

ISIS Harambe

Now, now, now I know what you're probably thinking right now, is this real? And yes, its real and has been confirmed by the California DMV as reported by The Daily Dot.

She was interviewed and said “When I meet people [and] I tell them my name, they’re like, ‘That’s crazy, that’s funny.’ I’m literally like, ‘No, that is the craziest name you’ve ever heard in your life.’ I really have the most unique name in the world.”
ISIS Harambe

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