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Couple Drops Acid Then Build Furniture From IKEA

“Do You Have Another Screw Driver?, You’re On Your Own!”

hikea furniture build psychedelic

When it comes to building pre-made furniture from the store you want it to be easier, not harder. But in this case it can be funny if its done the hard way…. With ACID.

In a new video series called “HIKEA”, they take people, found via craigslist and get them to take psychedelic drugs, then build furniture from IKEA.

And its pretty damn entertaining.

In the first episode, Giancarlo and Nicole try to build an Ikea dresser after both taking LSD. The acid complicates things a bit, but after hours of false starts, laughter and deep introspection, they’re able to work together and finally complete “Step 1.”

I’d like to see the unusable footage too. Perhaps a director’s cut.

Source: HIKEA / Brobible

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