After Being Dumped By Fiance, Woman Loses Weight And The Results Are Stunning

jennifer atkin dumped by fiance

After getting engaged Jennifer Atkin thought she was going to marry the man of her dreams. The day was drawing closer and closer but 9 months before their wedding her fiance had a different plan. She was dumped by her fiance, as things spiraled out of control she took control and decided to kick bad habits and get her health back.

Jennifer and her boyfriend would spend each night in front of the television stuff their faces with pizza, Chinese takeout and other junk food. At her heaviest she weighed 238 pounds, she was surprised when her fiance wanted to get married as she didn't think anyone would want to be with her at that weight.

Seeing that her concerns were coming true, even after being engaged and thinking her fiance loved her, she decided to turn the negative situation into a positive one. Rather than spending her time and money on more junk food and being depressed she invested in her health.

Following a strict 1500 calorie diet she started by first walking on a treadmill. After progressing she started doing spinning and cardio classes and boy did the weight start to melt off. As she got thinner she gained more confidence and realized she could do anything in life she set her mind to. She started realizing that valuing yourself and treating yourself right was key to being the happiest in life.

To this day Jennifer has lost a total of 112 pounds and is in a relationship with a new man. Most of all, he loves her for who she is and not what she looks like.

She's also doing a beauty pageant which could lead to a run in the Miss England pageant and after that possibly a shot at Miss World.

Also, during an interview with The Sun, Jennifer said, “Although I wish my ex all the best, I do secretly hope he’s kicking himself.”

Check Out The Photos Below To See The Amazing Transformation Jennifer Went Through!

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