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Adalia Rose’s Mom Shaved Her Head To Make A Wig For Her

adalia rose mom shaves head for wig

Adalia Rose is an amazing young girl with Progeria and even with the disease is full of life and spunk. She has a wonderful sense of fashion and and brings a smile to everyones face with her bubbly personality. Her heart is big and she is truly an inspiration to everyone. No matter what you're dealing with she is proof there is always something to be positive about.

Using Progeria to educate people and bring awareness to the disease, Adalia Rose has amazing support from her family as they encourage her to live life to the fullest. From dancing in videos and dressing up in cute outfits there's nothing this girl can't do.

The disease causes her to age 8 times faster than the average person. Most children with the disease do not live past their teenage years.

Unfortunately Adalia has no hair, as this is one of the side effects of Progeria. She's had to deal with it daily since the day she was born. She longed for the day she could have hair but knew that would never happen due to her disease. So, in 2012 when Adalia was only 6-years-old her mother cut her hair to make a wig for her daughter so she could experience a more normal life.

As any parents can attest to, when you love your child unconditionally you will do anything for that child. It's sweet seeing the love this mother has for her daughter and brings a little more light to this dark world.

Great Job Mom! And great job to Adalia Rose for being the amazing young girl she is.

adalia rose

adalia rose


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