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    Couple Drops Acid Then Build Furniture From IKEA

    hikea furniture build psychedelic

    When it comes to building pre-made furniture from the store you want it to be easier, not harder. But in this case it can be funny if its done the hard way…. With ACID. In a new video series called “HIKEA”, they take people, found via craigslist and get them to take psychedelic drugs, then […]

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    Boiled Egg Diet — Lose A Ton Of Weight In 2 Weeks

    boiled egg diet

    If you’re looking to shed some weight, the boiled egg diet maybe the one for you. The diet consists of eating a few eggs, some citrus and a few veggies. It will jump start your metabolism and get the digestion process flowing smoother. With the boiled egg diet you won’t constantly feel hunger or the need […]

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    These Tweets Sum Up The Married Life Perfectly

    So many married couples worry about looking stupid in front of others or doing embarrassing stuff. But it’s ok, be a freak. Judging from these AWESOME tweets about 99% of married couples are freaks when no ones looking. So enjoy it and know you are not alone!

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    Try The Logic Puzzle That Leaves 73% Of People Who Try It Stumped!

    logic puzzle

    Will You Get The Puzzle Or Will It Leave You Stumped? The user, Puzzlefizzy Is Awesome, from Brilliant has really cooked up a mind challenging puzzle that only 37% people can figure out. It’s a great exercise to keep your mind sharp and thinking outside the box. It definitely had me confused at first, but […]

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    Fitness Model STOPS Shaving For An Entire Year

    Growing up, most of us in the western world have come to accept shaving as a normal part of every female. In fact, most men do not like hairy women or think its completely disgusting when a woman with hair is seen. But how did shaving come to be part of the norm when hair […]

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    4-Year-Old Girl Goes To McDonalds Bathroom, Comes Out Crying In Pain

    Kaya, a 4 year old girl who needed to use the restroom at McDonald’s had no idea what was about to happen to her. Being at McDonald’s and not thinking anything about it, Nicole Langmead, Kaya’s mother, sent her daughter to use the restroom. After a few minutes her daughter came out crying in pain. […]